iOS Senior Developer

He is experienced in developing iOS apps and have good understanding of framework conventions, best practices in Object-Oriented Programming, memory management, and development tools. He is passionate about quality and optimization when it comes to code and application architecture.
He is always conscious about the business needs so he can provide them with the best solution as possible. His vision is to get expertise in the areas of Customers Software requirements/Design and meet up to their expectations.

4 Years of Experience Hire Now

Skills and Expertise Level

Yrs of Exp.
9 /10
Xcode IDE
8 /10
7 /10
8 /10
7 /10
C /C++
5 /10
6 /10

Resource Level

Interview screened by professionals
Advance exam screened
Trained by GeoViz team
Projects delivered as GeoViz team

Remarkable Work

Social Group App

He has worked as independent developer with a Social Interaction iOS App, With very good and different features for social grouping. App Involve Facebook Graph API integration. User data is connected with RESTful PHP web-services using backend MySql Database.Amazon Webservices Management for cloud solution (AWS) has been used. Soon to be on App store.


Meet CALORI, the most elegant and simple calorie tracker on the app store. CALORI provides lasting results by training your mind to recognize the significance of the calories you are consuming. Developed with iOS 7 SDK.SQLite 3.0 database has been used for data management.

Hybrid Track Transportation Dispatch (HTT Dispatch App)

An iOS Product regarding Medical Transportation.Application includes Trip Management and Dispatch of the drivers for Medical Transportation Services of the patients. Application is fully integrated with the online Medical Dispatch System.
Hybrid Track Trans make it easier to real time GPS tracking and also consist on automated vehicle management system, where everything can be planned, monitored and managed right from your iPhone/iPad. This iPhone/iPad App is specifically developed for better and efficient trip planning and management of non emergency medical transportation services.

Github Repo – Objective-C Wrapper For SQLite

An Objective-C wrapper for sqlite3 database for iOS.Simple Sqlite3 database wrapper class to execute queries using Objective-C methods. More changes and updates will be added later.