Java Senior Developer

As an experienced and qualified Java developer, he has developed various database-driven, multi-tier, web applications using Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Lucene web frameworks with recommended design patterns using Agile methodology. He has also developed extended handlers in Java for JRadius, FreeRadius, Multi-threaded console application using J2SE framework. He is experienced in Oracle BRM (formerly Infranet Portal) Billing System and developed its various Java client web applications and utilities.

10 Years of Experience Hire Now

Skills and Expertise Level

Yrs of Exp.
8 /10
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Resource Level

Interview screened by professionals
Advance exam screened
Trained by GeoViz team
Projects delivered as GeoViz team

Remarkable Works

SCB Bank Integration with OCTAL using SAP PI

In this project, he is ntegrated OCTAL SAP ERP for vendor payments, SAP PI as integration broker with SWIFT XML version 2 standard (pain.001.001.02/pain.002.001.02) for Payment Initiation and Payment Status Report. He also managed the integration for the bank to Customer Statement using camt.053.001.02 SWIFT XML standard for the account re-conciliation in SAP ECC. His task was to configure and to do all the development within SAP PI to accomplish business sensitive process less.

Principal Software Engineer

Development of Time Attendance and Advanced Scheduler System developed in Java Platform 7. Primarily responsibilities include Internationalization of Software Products; design solutions, full coding; unit testing; code reviews; communication and status reporting to offshore Development Manager. Also assist, train new hires as well as people inducted in the team.

Senior Developer

Had been an active member for the implementation of SAP replacing SAGE in OCTAL.
SAP MII Implementation
Successfully leaded SAP MII projects from requirement gathering, planning, establishing all the environments, implementations, 24/7 hr support for the shop floor activities
Configured UDS, PCo connectors for OPC Data Access, for all the SML machines at plant
Developed Sheet Confirmation and Pre-label Confirmation web screens to shop-floor operators to confirm the production processes
Developed MII transaction (auto-scheduled service) that automatically prints the labels on sheet-roll cutting
Technical documentation and in-house training to other developers in team to provide back-up support independently