Over 6 years partnering with organizations willing to take chances, innovate and transform their business.

VizTeams is a Center of Excellence, A team of expert software engineers working locally or remotely as your team. Our technology focus is on native mobile applications (in iOS, Android), cross platform applications(Sencha, Ionic), Cloud enterprise applications (in Java Enterprise, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python), Analytics & recommender systems ( in Hadoop stacks), and eCommerce applications ( in Magento and Shopify).


Parent Company

VizTeams is a division of GeoViz Inc. a premier custom software development company. Geoviz was started in 2010 with the vision to enable progress in our client business by leveraging technology.

You can hire vizteams on a retainer fee e.g. 1 part-time software architect, 1 part-time graphics designer, 1 full-time software developer.

Vizteam saves significant software development and maintenance costs with our blend rates, and at the same time doubles the productivity with over 18 hours of development progress every day.

VizTeams help our clients to focus more on their business development while we take care of the quality software development and maintenance.

Extending a VizTeam is a simple three step process.

1) Specify the team requirements.
2) Select team from a pool of Geoviz groomed resources.
3) Launch the project right away.

We pride ourselves in our long history of providing quality services and solutions in web, cloud and mobile applications design and coding.We continue to be the front runners in a diverse range of innovative and customized solutions. Whether you are a small start-up business or a large international organization, we fulfill your programming needs providing the top notch developer teams you need.

GeoViz Inc. is an integrated solution provider having its Head Office in Toronto, Canada and branch offices for sales and support in Detroit, Seattle, Lahore and Gurgaon. Lahore office is also the primary development & support center.

We have a team of experienced technical and business professionals that help our customers in achieving their ‘Operations and Maintenance Performance Management’ goals. Our experts minimize inefficiencies 360 degrees focusing Assets, Processes, Technology, Materials, People, Infrastructure, and Energy.


Our Corporate Values

Our values are the foundation of our company. Our people’s commitment to our values each and every
day is a major differentiator and a driving force in our success. Our core values include Integrity, Outstanding Services, and Continuous Innovation & Technical Excellence


Outstanding Service

Continous Innovation & Technical Excellence

We believe that integrity must not be compromised. This is a cornerstone of our long term success and is characterised by trust and mutual respect of ourselves, our community, our customers and our partners. We believe that customers are the essence of our business. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and to achieve distinction in our commitments to delivery, service and technical excellence. We have a passion for excellence and embrace and promote the power of endless innovation, imagination, creativity and desire to satisfy our customers’ requirements and anticipate their future needs and expectations.


Management Team



Industry expert, helping enterprises in defining cutting-edge technology based disruptive solutions. The solutions target enterprise performance enhancements in operations and maintenance practices.

Director of Sales

Sales expert, helping enterprises in creating new and symbiotic revenue growth by opening new doors of opportunities with the adoption of disruptive solutions offered by Geoviz Inc.

Creative Director

The true out of box thinker. Stays at the fore fronts of digital designs.

Director Customer Experience

Customer experience is all about the customer satisfaction. Tehmina keeps a close coordination with the clients for the ongoing and completed projects

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